We don’t sell day-old donuts -- but we give them away.  If you are involved with a charity and are interested in picking up some donuts, please send your contact info along with dates you would like some leftovers to donuthutt@gmail.com or call us at 901-861-4404.


We want to help make memories at your next birthday party. Make Donuts with us!

...a better donut, inside and out.

Donut Hutt | 1016 West Poplar Avenue, Collierville, TN, United States | +1.901.861.4404

Our handmade donuts are created using the highest quality ingredients available.  We spend more on our ingredients to make better donuts.  With these ingredients, and changing kitchen conditions, our handmade donuts may have some visual variances that affect only the symmetry, not flavor. 

Our donuts come with many top coats and dressings.  We have over 40 flavors that we present daily and custom-make many more varieties to please our customers' palettes every day.  From our one-of-a-kind candy bar lineup, to staples like blueberry cake and the country’s best selling donut, the glazed, they are handmade and always fresh-daily-local.

Our Coffee? A proprietary, medium, blend roasted locally the day we order. It arrives within 24hrs. 

Our little donuts bring smiles to the community every day.  Help us continue our work.  Pick up a few (dozen) today! Our family is proud to be a part of the Collierville community. Ask Rick about fundraisers.