...Ours are all-inclusive and worry free!

Parties are special....

These parties are not just for kids.  Perfect for all ages (4-80+):

  • school groups, scout troops, day camps, corporate team building, and more.  This is a great “girls’ night out” or small group event for friends.  Anyone who likes donuts and fun will love to participate in making their very own donuts using our authentic process and equipment. 
  • Group tours can also be booked during operating hours or after for small fee.  We will entertain & engage your group with interactive demonstrations of donut shop methods.  Informative and fun, our tours bring your learning objectives to life in real world applications.


School group tour options:

  • Making Donuts - includes drink, two donuts, donut making, Q&A session.  Suitable for pre-K through HS with tailored presentation.  (up to 40 ppl)
  • Shop Tour - includes shop tour/demonstration, donut, and Q&A session.  Suitable for any age, school, or social group.  (up to 40 ppl)

 * for best dates, 8 week advance booking recommended.

Donut Hutt | 1016 West Poplar Avenue, Collierville, TN, United States | +1.901.861.4404​

Check out the fun back-stage!

Party Pricing:

  • Up to 10 participants $250
  •  11 to 15 participants $350
  •  16 to 20 participants $425
  • 21-24(MAX) participants $25 pp

 Want a unique party idea for all ages?  At Donut Hutt, your guests can make donuts in our kitchen, decorate them and take them home - if they don’t eat them first!  Your worry free, all-inclusive party will include: donuts, drinks, pizza, AND the biggest 'Donut Cake' you’ve ever seen!  Best of all, we clean up!  Finally, a party built with mom in mind. We set up and decorate, we entertain the kids up to 2 hours, we serve donut appetizers, pizza, donut cake, and YOU get to enjoy the party with your guests! A "stress-free" solution.

Call us at 901.861.4404 ​to book your, fun for all group, event.  $12-$20pp

Book yours today! Prices are all-inclusive. Chef hats can be added for $2.50 ea. We provide markers to make them uniquely fabulous!